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Workforce Solutions

Businesses around the world are becoming increasingly reliant on temporary staff such as an independent contractor, zero hour contract employees, consultants and freelancers to enhance their permanent workforce.

In light of this, it is becoming increasingly important for organisations to have an effective workforce management solution that will deliver a streamlined and efficient process for managing, analysing and procuring their overall contingent workforce.

Skillstream’s workforce management software offers a bespoke and scalable solution that gives organisations the capability to better manage their contingent workforce by increasing process efficiencies and providing the necessary tools for clients to manage their budgetary spend. It allows them to gain full visibility, as well as consolidating all invoicing through one system.

The Benefits

Skillstream is a bespoke workforce management solution that allows tighter control, reporting and visibility of your contingent workforce.

It hugely improves process efficiency and budgetary control and delivers fantastic results almost immediately. Some of the key benefits are:

Pay your agreed rates and no more

With Skillstream’s Rate Card functionality, the system can be preloaded with negotiated / agreed pay rates for each individual contractor or temp discipline – meaning you will never be overcharged for your requirements.

Skillstream can support any Framework rates, including but not limited too Crown Commercial Services, Health Trust Europe and London Procurement Partnership.

Remote application access

The Skillstream application is accessible through both android and apple devices (smartphone and tablet), meaning users with the required permissions can create requisitions, authorise timesheets and view management information all on the move.

Document library – Compliance

Due to the bespoke nature of the Skillstream technology we are able to fully tailor client requirements to document and store vital 3rd party information relating to legislative, fiscal or corporate policy such as qualifications, criminal check’s, disclosure and barring.

The software will alert and flag when any of the required documentation is expiring or due for renewal, ensuring full legal compliance at all times.

Management Information + Back Office

Skillstream management information allows all appropriate users to generate a range of real time reports in standard formats.

Our real time reports are tailored to individual client requirements and can include budgetary spend, due diligence, security processes and compliance checks, as well as giving you the ability to review of the recruitment process and agencies performance criteria.

Interface with entry & exit systems

Skillstream has the ability to interface with entry & exit systems allowing for the automatic generation of timesheets based on the contractors / temps gate data information. With this interface, Skillstream takes away the admin associated with filling out timesheets and creates a more robust, secure and accurate process.


Skillstream gives clients full visibility of their entire workforce through real time access to management information. Its core functionality enables clients to view, manage and track vacancies, candidates, interviews, budgets, and supplier performance in real time.

The reporting functions can be fully tailored to appear at the click of a button providing Finance, HR or Procurement with an accurate and up to date analysis of the business’ current performance.

Process Management

With over 10 years of industry experience, we understand the challenges involved with changing processes on a large scale. Our knowledge and expertise enables us to guide you through what can be a very complicated process.

Our team industry experts are here to help you implement, plan, execute and communicate change in the right way.

Process Consistency

Skillstream’s workflows and process maps have been developed in close conjunction with many agency suppliers. Using their long experience of professional recruitment we have made it a key criteria of the design that it is built to deliver an effective process to all user groups: hirers, agencies, and candidates.

2 mil people work as freelancers in the UK

6% of workers are temporary

€299 billion – Global spend on agency staff in 2012

The contingent workforce will increase to 40% of total workforce by 2020


With the help of the Skillstream workforce solution job profiles can be created, compensation rules set and local regulations incorporated into your global cost breakdown. This functionality ensures the contingent workforce operates effectively and compliantly, wherever an organisation has a presence.

Efficiency gains start to be realised when all elements of the supply chain are forced to comply with an agreed set of terms, in a fully transparent environment, resulting in the elimination of rogue-spend and invoicing disputes.

Skillstream has over a decade of experience when it comes to vetting and onboarding your vendors. We know that creating a seamless and efficient process for your vendors ensures costs stay low. Our proven process reduces the risk of compliance oversight and makes it simple to engage the most qualified suppliers.

Our technology automates vendor administration, compliance monitoring, vendor onboarding, insurance compliance, and contract compliance.
In addition to all the above, you will also have access to real-time client reports and a full-service data repository enabling you to better forecast and manage the needs of business.

With Skillstream’s workforce solution you are able to monitor and deliver a clear and concise workforce management plan for both the short-term and the long-term business objectives.

Our bespoke reporting function will give you full visibility of how the business is preforming. Enabling you to careful forecast against business needs and ensure you have the correct resources available to facilitate success.

Whether it is for legislative reasons or corporate policy, the ability to configure the process flow and rule engines within the technology enables our clients to adopt the latest ‘best practice’. Ensuring they are safe in the knowledge that Skillstream’s contingent workforce management solution prevents them from breaking any compliance or legislative rules.

Our workforce solution allows you to manage your entire invoicing process with ease. Paperless receipts, electronic payments and processing efficiency are all part of the service.

You can track receipt activity, check activity logs, track deliverables and implement receivable steps processes, allowing you to automate your existing manual and paper processes. Empowering your employees to create, submit and approve requisitions.

Skillstream technology has the ability to interface with entry and exit systems allowing for automatic generation of timesheets based on the contractors / temps gate data information.

With this interface, Skillstream takes away the admin associated with filling out timesheets and creates a more robust, secure and accurate process.