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Skillstream offers a wide range of technology solutions, tailored to specific market and industry requirements. Our workforce management platforms offer a suite of procurement capabilities that work to mitigate risk, drive process efficiency and ensure legislative and corporate compliance.

Each technology can be tailored to meet individual client needs and requirements. From our original workforce management solution right through to our state of the art rostering, agency healthcare and bank staff management tools.

We have a product suited to meet each of the major challenges faced when working with a temporary or flexible workforce. By setting stringent guidelines and system rules, our clients are able to effectively track and manage both coverage and spend of their workforce, whilst ensuring legislative guidelines are adhered to.

Each solution offers a number of reporting functionalities as well as visual reporting tools, enabling senior management to easily visualise and identify data trends.

The Tech

SS Plus

One of our most established and successful product offerings, it is a fully bespoke workforce management solution that can be tailored and adapted to meet the needs of any corporate or blue collar organisation.

It offers a wide range of functionalities from job creation and agency engagement, PO authorisation and tracking, right through to timesheet’s created utilising staff gate entry/exit data. As well as suite of management reporting capabilities.

Our team work hard to ensure that the solution always meets the needs of the individual organisation we are working with, tailoring the solution to ensure we always deliver a “fit for purpose” product that simplifies the complex processes involved in managing a large flexible workforce.

SS Next

Our state of the art Healthcare agency management tool, developed in 2012 to support health trust’s in gaining better visibility and control of their agency staff requirements and the heavy cost associated with their use.

This solution allows a trust to react quickly to any short falls in staff requirements by publishing available shifts in real time, controlling spend with preset rules and fixed rates, automatic timesheet creation and simple authorisation procedures, as well as accurate and timely invoicing functionality.

The technology offers an end to end solution in managing temporary and contractor staff groups, with a “bank staff” solution to ensure the trust always allow their own staff first refusal to available work. There is also a mobile app which facilitates fast and easy access for all workers engaged with the trust.


Our latest E-rostering solution offers a dynamic take on the challenges of rostering a large flexible workforce. Developed on the principle of an activity based model, the solution looks to understand the tasks or activities that a business, hospital or ward needs to achieve and the associated workforce requirements needed to satisfy them.

The system will then auto-roster the available workforce against these activities based on a host of variables including; worker preferences, skills, suitability and compliance requirements. It is powerful enough to know the requirements of a department and bring all required staff resources together in one single click.

The technology has the capability to track more complex reward packages at the same time as giving workers greater control over their work patterns. Shift switching with similarly qualified colleagues and management of holiday or training can dramatically improve employee satisfaction.


A solution tailored specifically towards the Ambulance sector, it offers clear visibility of staff groups and shows outstanding demand in real-time whilst producing accurate invoicing and providing a host of management information. The product allows ambulance private providers and agencies to view available shifts in real time and roster staff well in-advance.

With stringent compliance requirements dictated, the system tracks and monitors all staff ensuring that only fully compliant individuals are engaged. It offers streamlined timesheeting and invoicing functionality that is driven by the vehicle data, which in turn has substantially improved the accuracy of invoicing.

The mobile app has facilitated better engagement with staff groups, allowing them to set preferences based on shift hours and locations whilst simplifying the timesheet submission process.


This allows managers the ability to view and create vacancies, authorise job roles, arrange interviews, offers and reject applicants and authorise time sheets.

Real time MI (management information) gives a wide range of reporting functionality that is fully tailored to client requirements.

Your preferred suppliers can submit applicants, gain feedback, arrange interviews and manage offers through one portal.

Real time reporting functionality, will give them and the organisation a clear and concise view of current agency performance, current spend and contract placements.

The internal recruitment desk are the master users of the system and generally have full access to all functions including but not limited to: creating/managing vacancies, generating offers, accepting or rejecting candidates and creating user accounts.

Bespoke real time management information allowing a comprehensive view of supplier performance, budgetary spends, open & closed vacancies etc.

The contingent worker portal allows users to securely log in and submit timesheets and expenses, as well as view the status of any outstanding timesheets.

Full transparency ensures that users can keep track of invoices and eliminate discrepancies and late payments; this minimizes financial risk and ensures accounts receivable are kept in working order.


With over 16 years of commercial experience in system implementations with organisations of various sizes and demographics, we have a wealth of knowledge in driving and implementing our solutions across numerous localities and regions.

We work to an agile methodology, which allows us to be flexible in our approach and adapt to the way in which our clients prefer to work. Leveraging our knowledge base and experience in true collaboration to support organisations in driving their business forward. Our offering:


Global – We have breadth of knowledge and experience in working with global and international organisations giving us a wide knowledge of the challenges business face in managing and monitoring local legislation and regulation.


Bespoke – Our product is fully bespoke to your business objectives ensuring you have a solution that is specifically tailored to your organizational needs and therefor delivering maximum results.

Our approach

Our approach – We pride ourselves on delivering a service that is second to none, our business culture is customer centric and you will have a dedicated team supporting you during the entire implementation and beyond.


Results – We offer a cost effective solution which delivers operational efficiency as well as considerable cost savings within a very short period of time, ensuring business objectives are successfully achieved.